M&A IT company 

May 2021, IT company founder decides to spin-off with Telco department. M&A target was set same month. During 2 weeks of investing I managed to find out several interested investors with several conditions. A big amount of negotiations was processed, political conditions in country was very poor and unsecure. In 4 months deal was done.

- seven years, 50 professionals, 5 projects

- location eco friendly, 70% forest trees

- minutes from downtown, next to Tech-University

- aiming to become biggest IT hub

- new offices +3000m² to be built 

Offices for IT company

-  750m² offices on 20 acres land 

-  3 months negotiation, 2015-2016

-  assisted in buying process

-  after involved in IT outsourcing (2016-2019)

-  Attending to make it biggest IT hub in the region

In 2015, IT company founder decided to acquire private and exclusive offices for the business. After 6 months of market research and 3 months negotiations, I presented the solution to exceed client’s needs. It was a 20 hectares land with 750m²-office space building in perfect conditions, minutes from downtown, next to Technical University and 100% eco-friendly environment. Agreement was signed and all parties had a win-win deal. Following 4 years, I was part of the team. Today I look for investor to help founder push the company to a higher level and create biggest IT hub in the region. Goal is to build the second building with +3000m² offices. Cooperation strategies varies depending on investor’s dedication and approach.

Honey export company

- 610m² building on 13 acres land

- 2 months negotiation, 2014

- assisted on buying

- after involved in export and acquisitions '14-'16

- Company extended to EU, factory for Sale now

In 2013, two partners decided on investing in honey export business. First step was to find and purchase a factory with all condition for depositing and preparing the product. In only 2 months, I managed to find the solution. It was 13 acres land with some unfished buildings. I made the calculation for upgrading the building into a workable factory and deal worked. In 6 months, there was a 610m² fully workable factory. After couple of years company moved production to another country. Today factory is for sale in perfect condition ready to start a production business.